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Client Handbook

Download the SonomaWORKS Client Handbook

All SonomaWORKS clients receive this Client Handbook. It includes an overview of the program.

Client Handbook

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SonomaWORKS and You
Working Toward a Better Future
Who Must Participate?
Who is Exempt?
What to Expect
Hours of Required Participation
SonomaWORKS Activities
Welfare to Work Plan
Supportive Services
Satisfactory Participation
Good Reasons for Not Participating
What Happens if You Do Not Participate
What You Can Do if You Do Not Agree
Post-Aid Services
Your Worker

Satisfactory Participation

Attendance: When you sign your activity agreement, you agree to go to your activity and provide proof of attendance by signing and submitting attendance reports. You must submit your signed attendance sheets in order for SonomaWORKS to be able to pay for your supportive services and to verify you are meeting participation requirements.

Satisfactory Progress: SonomaWORKS uses the standards of each educational institution to determine satisfactory academic progress.

Completion of Activity: SonomaWORKS expects you to fully participate in your activities and to complete all assignments. If you are unable to attend or complete your activity, or if you want to change your activity, notify your counselor immediately.
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Good Reasons for Not Participating

You may have a good reason for any of the following:
  • Not signing your Welfare to Work plan.
  • Not taking part in one of the SonomaWORKS activities that you agreed to in your activity assignment.
  • Not accepting a job offer or job referral, quitting a job, or reducing your earnings. Some reasons may be personal and others may be related to the assignment.
Examples of reasons related to activity assignment or job:
  • Discrimination at the job or training because of age, sex, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation or marital status.
  • Travel to work or training from your home is more than two hours round-trip by car, bus or other transportation, or more than two miles round-trip if you have to walk because other transportation is not available. The limit on travel and mileage does not include time or mileage to take family members to and from school or to and from other care providers.
    NOTE: If you do not take a job or participate in as assigned activity because of this reason, you will have to participate in Community Service.
  • The job requires more daily or weekly hours than is normal or customary or have not been paid for work hours you completed.
  • Conditions at the job or training violate health and safety standards or could cause you serious injury or death.
  • The job or work activity does not provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance.
  • Accepting a job or work activity would interrupt or interfere with an approved education or training assignment, except work experience or community service.
  • Accepting a job or work activity would cause you to violate the terms of your union membership.
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